Pet ID: 990


Contact Information

Owner Name or Clinic Name : Jacox Veterinary

Phone Number : 9187122750

Care Information

Feeding Instructions : Stella & Chewys dried Chicken Patties- 1 at Breakfast and 1 at Dinner around 5pm.

Bathroom Instructions : Likes to walk across the street or around the block. He will stop and look at you if you try to take him in when he still needs to poop Bedtime-Gets a treat and a bone, Runs to bed to Sleeps with Mom and Dad.Always crate if leaving him alone. Give a treat and put bark collar on to crate. You will have to put him in it. Walk 4-6 times a day/ around 5 hours is max time in crate

Grooming Instructions : Trim nails. Trim slightly around eyes to clean up. Trim behind, under tail. 13-16 Milometer clip comb.Teddy Bear face - Rounded

Health Information

Vaccination Information :